Mrs. Bola Adesola, MD/CEO of Standard Chartered Bank

Fine and Country International Realty 2016 edition of the Refined Investor Series (RIS) will focus on ‘Unlocking Smart Real Estate Opportunities During a Recession’, officials of the firm have said.

This unique platform will be chaired by Mrs. Bola Adesola, MD/CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, along with other leading stakeholders. The Refined Investor Series is a real estate thought-leadership series targeted at high net-worth investors, economic influencers, real estate developers, property enthusiasts and aspiring investors.
Coming on the heels of Fine and Country West Africa’s 8th anniversary in Nigeria, this year’s event is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 9am – 2pm at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos State. The theme for the event is – “Out of the Box”: Unlocking Smart Real Estate Opportunities during a Recession.

The Refined Investor Series will generate high level conversations on smart real estate investment strategies and opportunities in the Nigerian, UK and global property market, during a period of recession and transition.

Some of the highlights and interesting conversations to be expected at the upcoming Refined Investor Series 2016 edition are: ‘An Economic Melt Down or an Opportunity to Re-Invent? What is the impact of the economy on real estate? “A

re we having an economic meltdown or an opportunity to re-invent true value and a sustainable real estate market that creates wealth for real investors and users? What is the impact of financial and economic policies on the real estate market, and where are the unique opportunities? Which investors are best suited for the out-of-the-box opportunities? What are the best ways and when is the best time to unlock these creative opportunities?
They will also discuss ‘The Economics of Definitions: How They Affect Valuation and Perception of Value.

“With an increasing number of residential properties being represented as luxury, and in the commercial space, most offices being offered as Grade A Prime Offices, there is an increasing need for real estate investors/occupiers to understand what exactly they are getting, what matters most and what constitutes luxury residential property or prime Grade A office. How do these factors affect valuation and perception of value?”
‘Pricing Strategies for Real Estate in a Volatile Economy’ in also on the platform.

“How Investors price prime offices and residential properties in a recession and volatile economy? Are there practical strategies apart from price wars for commercial landlords to ensure that the increasing stock of prime offices and premium residential do not remain on the proverbial shelf for longer than is necessary? What is the right pricing strategy in the current market? What are the real drivers of residential and commercial leasing decisions? What do corporate tenants really care about?”

Other topics are: ‘Emerging New Cities: Urban cities or ghost towns in the making? “What is the future of Middle class urban residential living? Where are the opportunities? How do investors get to access them and what’s the best way to get maximum value from new urban cities or projects? Are there well thought through?”
‘Real Estate Value Enhancers’: The economics and politics of design specifications and how they affect facilities management & service charge.

“What are the real risks and benefits of investing or living in a multi-owner residential development? What are the real facts and figures behind service charges in both residential and commercial properties and how can they be managed efficiently while preserving asset value and user experience? What’s the role of legal documentation in preserving real estate wealth?”


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