Networking Opportunities Open at Fine and Country’s Real Estate Investors Confab in London

L-R: Babajide Ajorin, Funmi Ekpenyong, David Mbah, Nonye Mike-Nnaji, Dennis Aribido, all of Fine and Country
L-R: Babajide Ajorin, Funmi Ekpenyong, David Mbah, Nonye Mike-Nnaji, Dennis Aribido, all of Fine and Country

Fine and Country is presenting Nigerians in the Diaspora a unique opportunity to meet promoters of credible real estate development companies in Nigeria at this year’s Refined Investors Series, a platform for accurate, current and expert real estate insight, which will hold in London in October. Bennett Oghifo reports


‘Taking Nigeria to the World’ is the theme of the diaspora edition of the unique Refined Investor Series, a platform for accurate, current and expert real estate insight.

This year’s congregation in London of seasoned real estate companies in Nigeria, led by Eko Atlantic City and prospective investors of Nigerian descent and those from other climes promises to break barriers, according to Fine and Country’s Business development and Sale consultant, Nonye Mike-Nnaji.

“The Refined Investor Series hosted by Fine and Country and viewed as the leading Premium Real Estate forum for astute and aspiring investors to receive accurate and current market insight, will this year lead conversations addressing the myths and misconceptions about investing in Nigeria while exposing, and connecting investors with safe, pre-qualified real estate opportunities from the leading and most reputable Nigerian developers.

“This 2 day international edition will attract leading Nigerian Diaspora professionals, sports stars, entrepreneurs, family office administrators, wealth advisors, and real estate enthusiasts,” Nonye Mike-Nnaji said at a press conference in Lagos, recently.

The Refined Investor Series, she said would showcase current and upcoming projects in the residential and commercial segment, at both the luxury and mid-market segments.

She said guests would have an opportunity to network and access early bird real estate opportunities through ‘RIS Deal Rooms’ setup for investors.

The RIS UK is designed to inspire confidence and connect investors, and to kick-off the 2-day Series, the firm would host an exclusive dinner, music and recognition on October 6th Friday evening, to celebrate Nigeria’s 57th independence, visionary leaders, projects and the current advancements shaping the Nigerian Real Estate sector. The dinner will encourage networking with private wealthy clients, said Nonye Mike-Nnaji.

Next, they would talk the distinguished guests through, ‘Navigating Investments in Nigeria. A Highlight of the latest developments in the Ease of Doing Business Policy Framework; a spot light on Lagos at 50; ease of investing in Lagos; property registration; construction permits; and transparent processes.

They would showcase residential property opportunities, security, value, and growth.

It aims at ‘Simplifying Nigerian Residential Real Estate for the International and Diaspora Investors, specifically what you must look out for; the Who, What, When, Where and How.

Discussions would also focus on land investment. The idea is to determine what they are; Acres of Opportunities? Or Landscape of Risks? Where are the hot spots? Where are the sour spots? What are the emerging trends, threats (ownership, title, communal) and growth locations to watch out for when investing in land?

Nonye Mike-Nnaji said there would be talks on ‘Office Trend: Follow the LEED or Be LED’. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an added bonus, they save money. The trend in office buildings is that based on the number of points achieved, a project would receive one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

This may be used in benchmarking local office projects; Measuring Local versus International Demand; A look at the future of the office market in Nigeria and connecting with international tenants; Comparative Studies with International Markets.

There would be an unveiling of new cities, as they provide new realities; Urban Re-Generation versus Escape Havens. This is to make “An in-depth review of real estate regeneration opportunities and a look at new suburban cities that will shape Nigerian Residential Real estate in 10-20 years.

Also, there is ‘The Real Deal! A Sneak Peek into Diaspora mindset, taste and requirements. An in-depth conversation with Nigerians in Diaspora and what really matters to them, what they truly want to invest in. “This is what developers should watch out for,” said Nonye Mike-Nnaji.

Some Nigerian banks are expected at the unique meeting to showcase their “Creativity in Financing Diaspora Investors; harnessing the untapped potential of High Net-worth Diaspora investors. What are the opportunities and challenges? And why this is the right time to connect Diaspora investors with Nigerian opportunities.


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