Mixta Nigeria, an ARM company, has developed a high-end exquisite facility known as Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate. It is conceived and built as an exclusive, secure and serene haven, complete with 18-hole golf course, and a resort, all spaced around 11 nature-inspired lakes. Bennett Oghifo reports

Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate is strictly a high-end facility in Lagos, located off the Lekki-Epe road and built on 308 hectares of land. However, the estate sits on only about a third of the 308 hectares, leaving the rest of the land green, which is the reason the estate is fondly known as “Where luxury blends with green living.

The estate is about exclusivity and lifestyle, said the Head of Sales, Mixta Nigeria, Korede Lawrence-Salu, during a media tour of the facility recently.

“What we do actually at Mixta is build communities. This particular one is geared towards the higher end of the market. These are individuals that are comfortable and have other home(s). We also build for the middle and mass markets,” he said.

“The context of Lakowe is that we are selling to that particular upper market segment, even though we are surrounded by other market segments.”

The estate is conceived as a get-away-facility, and not necessarily for a first time homeowner. The estate comprises a pristine 18-hole golf course, smaller 9-hole course and clubhouse with sports facilities such as a swimming pool, squash, tennis and badminton courts. The residences have been designed for homeowners to enjoy the full splendour of the golf course and 11 lakes.

The property is so appealing that all the 216 homes in this first phase were sold off-plan. But there are 450-900 sqm residential plots for purchase and the price of each plot depends on its location. Prospective homeowners are expected to deposit 10 per cent of the cost of the desired home.

There are different house types in the estate: detached villas, loft apartments, flats and terrace homes. There is an enclave of ultra-high-end homes, known as The Village. There are only 18 units of homes in At The Village, they have everything including their own streets and recreational areas. It is a village country home and a home away from home.

The Aso Loft is a one bedroom facility designed for anyone who wants to stay over at the weekend and play a game of golf or to get away from home in Ikoyi, for instance, for whatever reason. “People buy the loft for different purposes.”

The tour went to the house type known as The Chad B, a twin two-bedroom affair-one on top of the other. Between the Chad B and the Aso Loft are some fully detached Ogban villas of four bedrooms, including the maid’s. There is the Shapa, Idanre, Cheri Hills, Palms, Baobab units. The bathrooms and kitchens are fitted with high quality systems.

The Palms is built on 450sqms and the Baobab is on 350sqms. All homes have a lot of space and light.

Mixta controls security at the estate level, with 24-hour security patrol, and no resident is allowed to build his or her fortress but they can demarcate their property with a prescribed material.

All of the homes and other facilities are linked with paved roads, and the estate has uninterrupted electricity, water supply. The estate has a recreational park, commercial areas, and property documentation, among others.

Facilities in the estate is presently being managed by a team but going forward, a homeowners association would be established along with the homeowners’ agreement. In addition to payment for the home, there would be a deposit for the maintenance of facilities in the estate.

Lakowe estate has a unique resort and its fine points were presented by Mrs. Sade Hughes, Managing Director, Mixta Hospitality & Retail.

“The Resort at Lakowe Lakes”, as it is known is a unique, nature inspired, luxury hospitality product which takes advantage of the natural setting of Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate, said Mrs. Hughes.

The Resort includes 63 suites, which includes a studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom villas. It will have a full service Spa & Wellness center for fitness and relaxation, with steam rooms and saunas.

Across from the resort accommodations is an island that would be connected with a bridge. It is a place to unwind. The resort is ideal for recreation, said Hughes. “This is a resort hotel; we are going to have 63 keys here, added to the 20 inside the main building. This is a boutique hotel that is ideal for people who want to come in for their retreat, honeymoon, it is not different from what Nigerians travel outside the country to enjoy. We want to cater to Nigerians who understand these things.


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