The Managing Director of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Prof. Mohammed Al-Amin, had said arrangement had been concluded through the Nigerians in Diaspora Housing Programme (NIDHOP) scheme to build houses for Nigerians in diaspora in Abuja, Benin City Edo State and Lagos.

Al-Amin, made the disclosure at the inauguration of the Anti Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) by the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) for the agency in Abuja.

He said attempts by Nigerians in diaspora and several others working in foreign mission to buy land or own their houses through relatives have ended most times in crisis.

He said: “With this in mind we thought of facilitating the ownership of houses for Nigerians in diaspora to be easier and more secured way in which the FHA articulated what is called the Nigerians in Diaspora Housing Programme (NIDHOP).

“As you are aware, we have quite a large number of Nigerians living in different continents of the globe and most of them did not leave the country and not to come back.

“They have gone to work and will someday come back to continue their life in the country. It is a normal thing for those in diasporans to try to secure houses so that when they come back to their countries of origin, they can have houses of their own.

“Apart from articulating this concept, we went to have the first the pilot project called FHA-Diaspora City. This will be located located in Abuja, Lagos and Benin City.”

According to him, the FHA- Diaspora city will be designed to accommodate those in diaspora in bungalow apartments, luxury accommodation and block of flats as they do have abroad, adding that the houses will be designed to suit their taste.

“Apart from the intention to help these very important Nigerians in owning their houses back here at home, the second objective of the programme is to attract foreign exchange for the Nigerian economy.

“In 2013, alone, the amount of remittances collected from Nigerians into the country is $21 billion. Now, imagine what an investment of $21 billion will do to the economy.

“So in order to encourage Nigerians living abroad to send more money into the economy, this programme is also put in place.
“So, it two-inched purpose: the first is for housing provision while the other is for reinvigorating the economy.” The CEO said.

The MD, said the first pilot scheme of the project will commence soon along airport expressway in Abuja with 1500 houses made up of block of flats, bungalows and duplexes.

He said depending on the demand, FHA will expand the scheme to Lagos, Enugu and other parts of the country, until everyone Nigerian in diaspora have a befitting accommodation.

He said: “The project is not going to be FHA’s sponsored only. It is a tripartite arrangement in which the FHA will secure the land and do the development, while we have private investor who will finance the project and at the same time we start collection of deposits from off-takers.

“So, while the people in the diaspora, deposit based on the house type they want, there would be an investor that is ready to give all the money that is required for the project, while the FHA does the development, secure the land as well as undertake the administration of the structures as well as the ownership.


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