Oak Homes, a real estate development company in Nigeria, unveiled its luxury projects at an official launch recently in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The launch was attended by high profile personalities who had the first opportunity to be part of the vision of the organisation.

At the launch, Oak homes enhanced its brand and unveiled several top notch developments in her portfolio while guest were treated to an array of visuals of luxury apartments under the organisation’s portfolio in addition to well-lined up activities.

Mr Olukayode Olusanya, the CEO of Oak Homes stated that Luxury is not managed, rather, it is expressed.

He said that the sector of the market it plays in, is such that the clients are well informed, well-travelled and have a minimum expectation of luxury living.

He listed upscale and serene environments like Oniru, Victoria Island and Ikoyi as some of the selected locations with a guarantee of luxury, individuality and security specifically put in place by the organisation.

He said the company has a qualified team of facility managers who ensure that the luxury buildings are preserved as Legacies, work of Art and pure imaginative thinking, he said.

Oak Homes Limited is better positioned to lead the luxury category of the real estate industry in Nigeria ensuring that brand promises are kept with utmost integrity, mastery and top-level professionalism from all stakeholders through the value chain for utmost clientele pleasure and satisfaction, he said.


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