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Cadwell Limited, a real estate company, has introduced into the market its newest concept projects that it categorised as “Life-Cycle Assets”.
According to the Managing Director of Cadwell Limited, Mr. Muyiwa Owoturo these are “never-done-before, everlasting architectural masterpieces of Mansions, Villas and Townhouses. We envision it as a place for homeowners to “Live, Earn and Transfer” (LET). Typically, it completes the human life cycle but uniquely, keeps the legacy going. Insofar as life has become more fast-paced and competitive, we realise that people are busy and can barely keep track of their loaded work and family schedules let alone plan for the future. All these efforts are clearly geared towards the pursuit of one aspiration or the other, hence there is no other meaningful aspiration than to think wisely and buy into the Life-Cycle LET concept.”

Owoturo said, “Homeowners will live in their homes be it a Mansion, Villa or Townhouse at a prestigious and most sought after secured locations such as South East and South West Ikoyi, Banana Island, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikeja GRA, and Abuja. “They can potentially earn annual rental income whilst living in their homes and watch their investments grow in value overtime. Transfer assets to their loved ones/family members as an inheritance and have their wealth outlive them.”

The economy, he said would always experience boom and bust, but that real estate remained real and compensates itself with continuous capital appreciation throughout the investment life span. “Our advice is to always seek opportunity in Real Estate regardless of the mood of the economy. Nice enough, now the economy is on the upswing, it is therefore the best time to invest. Now is not just the best time to invest, now more than ever before is the best time to invest in Cadwell’s newest and distinguished product – “LET”. It is an excellent opportunity for potential investors and home owners to benefit from a noble concept.”

He said recently, they made a “decision to reposition our company as an Investment-led Company because we believe in the infinite investment nature of Real Estate and we decided to be the apostles of such message. So, we examined the market, identified the imbalance in demand and supply, and came up with a noble idea to correct the market unevenness which effectively made us reshape and rescope our product concept and design.”

According to him, “The first stage in the life cycle of a real estate buyer/investor occurs between the ages of 25 and 35. This is when young adults are coming into their own, getting married, starting families, and growing their businesses; it is no wonder that this demography typically accounts for 30 to 40% of first-time home buyers globally. It is usually at this point that most young professionals start to seriously prepare and plan for the future, they understand that there is a need to invest in a home especially in a secured environment for their families to be happy and healthy. Thus, begins what we refer to as the “Aspirational Pursuit” of a new generation of primary and secondary homeowners. We intend to help this new and matured generation find the right path home, perhaps build castle of Life-Cycle Assets that will enable them to finish well.

Real estate, he said is an infinite investment. “Historically, it has been a creator of wealth for many people in the world over, not just investors, but also for families and individuals. Like stocks and bonds, real estate is an institutional investment, yet, it remains an emotional one and it is for this reason that most people aspire to own one and many more.

“In life, there is no escaping the fact that all humans have basic needs (of which warmth, shelter, and security are inclusive along with food and sleep) according to Maslow’s hierarchy of need. Until these needs are fully met, all other salient needs such as love/belonging and esteem become secondary – a cold and hungry person has no desire to actively pursue self-actualisation.

“Understanding this basic concept is fundamental to knowing the key role real estate plays in life. Developers or Investors, Tenants or Homeowners, Government or Individuals, everybody engages in the business of real estate in one way or another.  While on earth no one is fulfilled until he or she owns a piece of the earth.”

Owoturo said real estate is very unique as an asset class – it is immobile and tangible. Although for a lot of people it is a one-time ‘major’ investment they can live and grow in, for others who are seasone
d veterans, it is a good means of: Tapping into the inherent capital appreciation of property (global home prices have historically appreciated over long periods).

Other gains are: “Providing stable cash flow returns (steady rental income helps take care of recurrent expenses, life-styles and service loans).

“Diversifying one’s portfolio, reducing investment risk as real estate has a low correlation with other asset classes). Providing a hedge against inflation (rents can be raised periodically to match inflation so this provides a partial hedge).
“It is ideal for leveraging, as property can be used as collateral to obtain loans which allows the buyer invest in several assets simultaneously.”

Established in 2001, CADWELL’s undertaking, according to the managing director, “is to always Finish Well, as a specialist real estate entity positioned to be the market leader in developing ultra-luxury structures, such as Residence (Apartments & Homes), Retail (Office Block & Commercial Outlets) and Residences (Hotel Apartments & Suites) for Investments through Partnerships; supported with other first class services – Sales & Lettings; Fiduciary & Portfolio Management; Lifestyle & Hospitality; Advisory & Brokerage and Facility Management.


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