Report by Fadekemi Ajakaiye
Beyond Building Investment Limited, a diverse commercial real estate investment company which provides services to the capital market, is providing investment service to help secure risk.
This offer was stated by Mr. Olanrewaju Howells, the Managing Director of Beyond Building Investment Limited at press briefing held in Lagos recently.
Beyond Building provides services like; acquisition, asset and property management, construction management, leasing, advisory services as well as development and disposition.

Howells said a real estate investment without a clear goal will result into bankruptcy and so, their need to sensitise the populace.
He said the company’s focus is to educate, empower and also provide people with means of financial gains, by growing wealth through real estate.

Howells stated that the company is focused to providing real estate investments services in order to reduce systemic risks and still generating profitable returns. This in return will help improve the country’s standard of living real estate.

Rent Masters, a subsidiary of Beyond Building Investment Limited pioneered rent payment online, but this was not believed by some to be successful as people tend to doubt such innovations. Rent Masters has spanned eight years now, he said.
“Beyond Building provides a trading platform where people invest to make gains, quarterly, annually, through real estate projects. The minimum rate of return on our investment is 20% annually,” he said.

He stated that their business interactions are guided by Integrity, Ethics, and Passion, which defines them as a Brand.
“We help clients make informed decisions to achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.  We provide valuable insights and recommendations to assist our clients, he said.

He stated that their target of the market is the middle class and the low-income earners in the society.
“Our investment includes, King Point Park Estate, a premium real estate which develops and markets extraordinary homes as well as matching sophisticated buyers with suitable properties in Lagos and Nigeria’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Marvella Court is a real estate firm specialising in Residential development, Property management services and estate development.”
Rent Masters Realtors recognises the importance of keeping informed changes in such areas as housing, building landlord and tenant relationship, energy conservation techniques and local market conditions, all combining in significantly impacting on your real estate.

Howells added that “The main focus of the company is to provide safe and sound real estate investments services in order to reduce systemic risks in an efficient and compliant manner, while generating positive returns and hereby improving Nigeria’s standard of living through real estate and agriculture.”

According to him, Rent Masters which is subsidiary of Beyond Building Investment Limited pioneered online rent payment in Nigeria, adding that they started over eight years ago when people did not believe that they can go online to find the type of house they want.

Varden Farms and Resort is faced with pioneering the developing trend of commercial luxury farm houses in Nigeria.
“We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust,” Howell said.


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